Makeover Trainer Talk: Evaluating Past Injuries

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We have all been involved in debates about whether a horse will be fully sound after an injury, and there are some injuries that scare us more than others. Sellers, buyers, and veterinarians rarely agree and that will never change, but the more we all know the fewer good horses will be unnecessarily cast aside.

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Equine Symptomatic Lameness

Horse Journals
February 14, 2016
By: By Jochen Schleese, CMS, CSFT, CSE
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Why is my horse lame?

Why does he keep stumbling?

Why does he seem to trip over his own feet?

The horse suffering from back pain or injuries can exhibit symptomatic lameness, which can also manifest as behaviour issues including stubbornness or resistance. When the horse is displaying symptoms of lameness and logical treatments are not working, the horse’s owner may turn to injections, anti-inflammatory creams, or chiropractic adjustments at the sacroiliac joint. But by observing horse and rider at various gaits, the horse owner may perceive another cause of lameness –poor saddle fit.

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